Roland VS1680-Mint Condition

Roland VS1680-Mint Condition

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  • Roland VS1680-Mint Condition
  • VS1680
  • Product Condition: New
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Product Description
Main Features
The VS-1680 was a revolution in the world of the home
studio, with the disk recorder, digital mixer, and multi
effects systematically and more organically integrated.
From when you start picking mics to when you actual-
ly record to mixdown, adding effects, and on to creat-
ing the master data for playing through a PA or mas-
tering on a CD, you can get a handle on every aspect
of the recording process with the VS-1680 line in your
home studio.

Disk Recorder Section
The digital disk recorder section provides sixteen
playback tracks, and allows eight tracks to be recorded
simultaneously. Each track features sixteen virtual
tracks (V-tracks), providing a total of 256 tracks. This
means that you can record multiple takes, make tem-
porary mixes when editing, and create songs that
require numerous tracks, all with room to spare.
The VS-1680's recording functions were designed for
use with professional digital equipment (DAT
recorders, digital mixers, digital effects, etc.). You can
record and edit with top-quality sound, and lose none
of that quality in the playback.

You can instantly find the location of sections in a
song you want to hear repeatedly or places that you
wish to record over (Locator) by placing marks at such
points (Marker). These Markers are recalled by simple
procedure, and you will never wait for any rewinding
or fast-forwarding time.

Sounds are organized in Phrases, and copying, mov-
ing, and inserting these phrase units (with Phrase
Edit), and other editing processes are all possible with
the VS-1680. For example, you can create "break
beats" by copying a four-measure drum pattern any
number of times, or have the same chorus both at the
beginning and end of a song.

The VS-1680 uses "non-destructive editing." This
allows you to cancel and recover up to 999 previous
recording and editing operations (Undo/Redo).
The internal clock runs battery power, so it continues
to function, even after the power is turned off. This
allows manage your songs by "time stamp," the time
and date of recording that is registered in the song

Digital Mixer Section
You can store all mixer settings, including fader levels,
pan, and effects. Stored settings can be recalled very
simply, making it convenient in adjusting balances
during mixdown and comparing mixes with effects.
Changes in settings over time, such as fader levels and
pan, can also be stored (Auto Mix), so you can realize
easy fade-ins and fade-outs in your mixes.
You can easily make the most appropriate mixer con-
dition settings, including those for recording, track
bouncing, and mixdown (EZ Routing).
Effects Section

The VS-1680 features the optional VS8F-2 effect expan-
sion board. Up to two of these effect expansion boards
can be installed in the VS-1680. With the VS8F-2 effect
installed in the VS-1680, up to 4 high-quality stereo
effects will be available for your use.

The VS8F-2 provides not only basic effects such as
reverb and delay, but also effects ideal for vocals and
guitar (such as guitar amp simulator) and even special
effects such as RSS. The way in which each of these
effects are organized by the 34 "algorithms" so that
you can create new sounds easily.

The VS8F-2 provides 210 read only effects setting
(Preset Patches) which designed for various uses. In
addition, the VS8F-2 provides 200 read and write
effects setting (User Patches) for changing and saving
that contents. You can instantly switch between a vari-
ety of effects simply by selecting a patch.
Owners Manual
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