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ROCKYS MUSIC "eBooks" Download


 1) "Playing Guitar Scales"
 2) "Playing Guitar Chords"
 3) "Reading Music for Guitar"
 4) "Playing Bass Chords, Scales"
 5) "Playing Drums"
 6) "Piano-Keyboard Chords"
 7) "Mandolin Chords & Scales"
) "Banjo Chords"

"iBooks" Download

            with video

  1) Playing Guitar Chords
  2) Playing Guitar Scales 
  3) Barre Chords for Guitar
  4) Guitar Chords for Kids
  5) Guitar Chords /Preteens 
  6) Guitar Chords/Scales/Chart
  7) Piano Keyboard Chords 
  8) Playing Drums
  9) Mandolin Chords & Scales
10) Understanding Music
11) Fiddle/Violin Chords/Scales
12) Banjo Chords
13) Capo Chart

ROCKYS MUSIC "eBooks & iBooks " 

A series of books, eBooks & iBooks written by:    Rocky T. Duckworth 
The easiest, most thorough and quickest way to learn to play any musical instrument!!!
You can download these books instantly and begin to learn to play.
The "Playing" series consist of , Playing Chords for Guitar,  and Playing Scales and Arpeggios for Guitar, Playing Bass, Playing Piano/Keyboard Chord, Playing Drums and more.   
                They come in both "Mac" &  "Windows" versions.
Click here for "Kindle" (windows or Mac) version

Click here for  "iBooks" with videos Mac Only  

                      What You Will Learn?

Rockys Music instruction books are a must when learning to play an instrument.

From beginner to advanced, this is the easiest and most complete system anywhere.

You will learn to play chords by ear in the styles of famous groups using numbers and shapes.

You will also learn to read music fast and easy.

You will be able to make any chord, scale, and arpeggio anywhere on the neck using simple shapes and tab.

Scales include all Major, Minor, Pentatonics, Diminished, Augmented, Whole Tone, Chromatics, Modes, when and how to use them and much much more!!!

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