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  • Goose Necks
  • MGM-13BK
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Product Description
This 13" Gooseneck turns your mic stand into a versatile stage and the studio tool! Whether you need to reach those hard-to-mic drums or want a tidy guitar amp-miking setup, this 13" Gooseneck puts your microphone just where you want it. It's flexible, easy to adjust, and visually unobtrusive. If you want to reduce costs and clutter in your studio setup, having a stand equipped with this gooseneck will allow you to mic several different sources without having to resort to specialized stands. Get the most out of your mic stand with the handy, flexible, and affordable 13" Gooseneck!

13" Gooseneck Features:
  • Solid steel male and female threaded ends
  • Flexible neck made from interlocking rolled metal
  • Black or Chrome finish
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