Fender® California Series Clip-On Tuners

Fender® California Series Clip-On Tuners

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  • Fender® California Series Clip-On Tuners
  • 0239981002
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Colorful Clip-On Style and Accuracy

Fender's California Series Chromatic Tuner conveniently powers on automatically as soon as it is attached to the headstock of a guitar or bass. The compact tuner's vibration-sensing capabilities let players tune easily and accurately in any performance situation, and its bright LCD screen is ideal for the darkest stages. An easy-to-read needle displays green when in tune but changes color to indicate sharp or flat notes.

  • Tuning Range: A (27.5Hz)-C (4186Hz)
  • Mode: Chromatic
  • Precision +/- 1 cent
  • A4 Range: 440Hz
  • Power Supply: 3V (CR2032) Lithium Battery (included)
  • Dimensions: Width: 48mm, Depth: 44mm, Height: 27mm
  • Weight: 21g

Pitch Perfect and Easy to Read
Inspired by the guitarist himself, the Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Clip-On Tuner is easy to operate even on the darkest stages. Featuring Malmsteen's signature and a bright, highly visible display, this tuner serves up a welcome dose of neo-classical heavy-metal personality while allowing you to tune quickly and accurately.
  • Stylish chrome bezel with built-in vibration sensor
  • Easy-to-read LCD needle
  • Tuning range of A0-C8
  • A4 range of 430Hz-450Hz

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