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Made of solid hickory, these sticks are tough, durable, and deliver the greatest sound a stick can offer. We engrave each stick carefully with a special scale pattern to ensure maximum play-ability. Plus it will never slip out of your hand!

Finding the right drumsticks is often an overlooked part of drumming, as most players place their focus on finding a drum set and cymbal configuration. But finding the right pair of sticks should be more carefully considered. Playing with a well-balanced set of sticks with proper grip will definitely help improve your playing comfort and bring out the best sounds in your drum kit.

 Drumstick Numbering

The traditional method of numbering drum sticks, using numbers such as 3S, 2B, 5B, 5A, and 7A, comes from the early days of drum stick manufacturing, when a number and letter were assigned based on the stick's size and application. The exact specs of each model tend to vary slightly from each manufacturer, especially in the taper and tip.

7A - The 7A drumstick is our smallest drumstick, perfect for acoustic jazz and world music. This model is thin with a long taper and a small olive bead tip. Specs: length: 15.375", diameter: .50", weight: 50g.

5A - Used for light-medium application like jazz, rock, and pop, this medium size has a think neck, long taper, and a medium olive bead tip. Specs: length: 16", diameter: .575", weight: 53g.
5B - This model is meant for medium-heavy duty application such as jazz, rock, etc. It's a larger stick with a thick neck, short taper, and a large acorn bead tip. Specs: length: 16.125", diameter: .595", weight: 59g.

2B - The ideal hard rock, heavy duty drumstick, the 2B is a large stick with a thick neck, short taper, and a large acorn bead tip. Specs: length: 16.125", diameter: .63", weight: 66g.

3S - Made specifically for marching band, the 3S is by far our largest drumstick with a thick neck, short taper, and a rounded square bead tip. Specs: length: 17", diameter: .69", weight: 79.5g.

About Our Sticks

DB Sticks and Our Process

Our sticks are made of American Hickory. Hickory is by far the most popular wood used in drumsticks because of its strength and durability. It's a very hard wood that is excellent in absorbing shock, which reduces hand and wrist fatigue. 

Diamondback Drumsticks improve drumstick design and manufacturing with American-made, hand selected hickory drumsticks featuring a laser-engraved textured grip. The computer assisted design and manufacture (CAD/CAM), precision laser-engraved handle is less abrasive than a conventional, knurled finish yet safer and more reliable than grip tapes and dips.

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